New Ideas On Tactics In Career For National Health Service

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Chula Vista CA, 12/2/13_ Medical Plaza
Sebastian Laguna, 4, of Chula Vista goes in for a physical Monday at the newly constructed Medical Plaza of the San Ysidro Health Center in Chula Vista. His mom Starlene Laguna, center, says she has been attending the San Ysidro Health Center clinic for 3 years. Misael Virgen/ UT San Diego About 95 percent of all health centers currently experience at least one clinical vacancy, and California in particular will need an estimated 8,243 additional primary care physicians by 2030. A consistent doctor shortage means community health centers are less equipped to support and care for their patients typically low-income and uninsured or underinsured residents, many of whom represent ethnic and cultural minorities. Some health centers also report challenges with recruiting clinical staff who her latest blog have sufficient language skills or cultural competency to effectively treat their diverse patient populations. Without adequate primary health care resources, this population is more likely to go to the emergency room for treatment, even if the illness or injury is not severe, which puts unnecessary strains on emergency rooms. Research has shown that if all clinical vacancies at community health centers across the country were filled, health centers could serve 2 million more patients. In addition to reducing health care costs for the entire community and providing adequate care to those most at-risk, providing quality health care for our aging population is another specific goal in recruiting more primary care doctors. As baby boomers age, creating an increased demand for specialized health care, there is a very limited supply of physicians committed to providing services to senior/Medicare patients. Here in San Diego, the number of people 65 and older is expected to double by 2030. Historically, most physicians have not pursued additional training required for geriatrics, and every year as much as 70 percent of geriatric fellowships available at medical schools across the country go unfilled. One of the main contributing factors to this shortage is inadequate reimbursement for geriatric services by Medicare. If not addressed, the baby boomer generation will outnumber the supply of physician services available to them, and their health will suffer.

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