Choosing Plans In Skills For Gynaecology


Participating at the 16th international conference on ‘Current concepts in managing obstetrics, gynaecology and sub-fertility in an era of ever-changing technology’, held at The Institute of Reproductive Medicine & Women’s Health (aunit of The Madras Medical Mission) at Mugappair here on Friday, he said science and technology have been changing and so the medical practice has to keep pace with it. “Having the technology is not good enough, unless we know how and when to use it, for the benefit of women and children. It is also important to know the drawbacks and limitations of such newer technologies,”he said. In her welcome speech, institutedirector, Dr Thankam R Varma, said, “The aim of IRM is to uplift the mental, emotional and physical health and well-being of women under one roof and we have all the highly specialised clinicians to offer such care.” “We should advocate evidence-based medical practice and maintain a high code of ethics and transparency. This approach should be instilled in all those who opt to take up medicine as their career,”she said. “Regular health education programme should be implemented at all ages starting from home to school, colleges and at work and also at primary health centres. We have to move with the times with technological development and advancement. However, we should not undertake any management, for which we have no adequate training or expertise or appropriate facilities. We need to continuously assess and audit our work and change our practice if needed and re-audit again,”she said. Dr Thankam said lack of facilities, awareness, resources, knowledge and education hadletdown women from having good reproductive health and take care of their children. There are many ways to deal with clinical problems, but we have to choose the one which is effective, safe and affordable to patients, she said. Fortyfive national faculties and five from the international-level presented papers on various topics. click resourcesMMM honorarytreasurer Cherian Abraham was present. (CAPTION: Inspector General of Police, Administration, K Jayanth Murali, lighting the lamp to mark the international conference at the Institute of Reproductive Medicine & Women’s Health, MMM, at Mugappair in Chennai on Friday.

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